Our choices

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Our choices

In the absence of any international consensus, we wanted to give practitioners the chance to find the references for the points and help them find their way around the international literature. The grid used is that presented by Bahr/Wojak, but we have added some of Nogier’s points to it, as well as phase I and the main zones that Paul Nogier himself defined for finding the points.

Because we are more familiar with them, it is with these points that we have started to elaborate this grid, while indicating on the index cards the points in the three phases and the various nomenclatures available to us that are associated with them.
We shall continue without bias for all the other points and all the other nomenclatures which will be brought to our attention.

We realise that our choices can be criticised and that, in spite of the grid being tight knit, the points are not precise.

But we also know that:

— the positions of the points are variable and that a single point is to be sought in any one zone.
— on the index cards, we have the chance to give precise details about each point and in particular about the points that are hidden in the folds of the ear.
Also, that our work is on-going, open to correction and that it can adapt to all future developments.
We invite all experts and all practitioners to join us in this teamwork so that it becomes a tool that is useful to everyone.

Because this work is voluntary, huge and self-financed, it will not achieve its aim unless some of you adhere to our aims and take an active part in searching for information.
Together, we will be stronger and more efficient.