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Rev Lat Am Enfermagem. 2018 Sep 6 ;26:e3030. doi : 10.1590/1518-8345.2471.3030.
Effectiveness of auriculotherapy on anxiety during labor : a randomized clinical trial1.
[Article in English, Portuguese, Spanish]
Mafetoni RR1, Rodrigues MH2, Jacob LMDS3, Shimo AKK4.

Conclusion :

the parturients with auriculotherapy presented lower levels of anxiety according to the HAM-A score after the treatment when compared to the women from the other groups ; this can represent alternative care in obstetric practice. Registration : n. RBR-47hhbj.
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Auriculotherapy to reduce anxiety and pain in nursing professionals : a randomized clinical trial
Leonice Fumiko Sato Kurebayashi, 1 Ruth Natalia Teresa Turrini, 2 Talita Pavarini Borges de Souza, 3 Carolina Felicio Marques, 4 Renata Tavares Franco Rodrigues, 5 and Karen Charlesworth 6

Auricular Acupuncture for Exam Anxiety in Medical Students—A Randomized Crossover Investigation
Catharina Klausenitz,1,2 Henriette Hacker,1 Thomas Hesse,1 Thomas Kohlmann,3 Karlhans Endlich,4 Klaus Hahnenkamp,1 and Taras Usichenko1,5,*

MA-IC1 (Lung), MA-TF1 (ear Shenmen), MA-SC (Kidney), MA-AT1 (Subcortex) and MA-TG (Adrenal gland) bilaterally

This randomized crossover trial demonstrated that both auricular acupuncture (AA) and placebo reduced exam anxiety in comparison with no intervention in medical students, whereas AA yielded stronger effects than placebo procedure.

Auricular Acupressure Reduces Anxiety Levels and Improves Outcomes of in Vitro Fertilization : A Prospective, Randomized and Controlled Study
Fan Qu,1,2,3 Dan Zhang,1,2,3 Lu-Ting Chen,1 Fang-Fang Wang,1,2 Jie-Xue Pan,1 Yi-Min Zhu,1,2 Chun-Mei Ma,1 Yi-Ting Huang,1 Xiao-Qun Ye,1 Sai-Jun Sun,1 Wen-Jun Zheng,1 Run-Ju Zhang,1,2 Jian Xu,1,2 Lan-Feng Xing,a,1,2 and He-Feng Huangb,1,2

We concluded that AA could help to reduce anxiety levels associated with IVF and improves the outcomes of IVF partly through increasing the levels of NPY in the follicular fluids.

L’Auriculothérapie dans une association de lutte contre le cancer du sein
Javier Prieto de María.

Bouffées de chaleur, douleur, troubles digestifs,insomnies, fatigue, anxiété dépression